Bank Statement: Why is it so important to accompany you?

Keeping finances up to date depends on several aspects, including the periodic monitoring of movements in the current account. This is why there are excerpts, updated reports of how goes the financial life of the account holder.

It is necessary to consider that through the current account, the user has the salary credited, receives dividends, pays debits, makes withdrawals and so on. Faced with such a movement, keeping an eye on the statement is fundamental for those who want to get out of the network or want to maintain financial control. Here are some good reasons to monitor the extract and find some effective strategies for doing this.

A matter of control

A matter of control

It is important to keep an eye on the launches already made, but also on future releases. This helps to maintain broad control of the checking account and avoid unpleasant surprises that are out of budget.

Let us suppose that the bank will eventually authorize an automatic debit without your consent. If you do not follow the statement frequently, this undue discount may go unnoticed. Although this type of failure is not common, it can happen and the only way to solve the problem is for the accountant to be aware of the occurrences.

Extract monitoring helps in planning


By tracking the statement, the account holder has an overview of the financial inflows and outflows in your account. From there, he can plan his budget, counting on future postings, cleared checks, loans, overdraft debts, rate discounts, fixed receipts, and more.

In other words, the extract helps keep your feet on the ground. If the bill is negative, the statement will serve to tighten the belt. If everything is under control, the accountant can think about investing and making new acquisitions.

Simple conference

Simple conference

The bank statement is also a document that serves for simple conference. In fact, this is its most popular use. Most people take the statement to see if any expected value has been deposited, whether the check has been cleared or even to prove that a particular account has been paid.

It should be noted that it is also a document and through it you can prove that you have made a transaction for a certain account of another person, for example.